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Living Room Decorating Ideas

Some people call it a living room, others a lounge, or more formally it’s referred to as a sitting room, but whatever you call it, this is one of the main rooms in a house and its main purpose is for relaxing. These living room ideas will help you to create your dream space, however much you have to spend.

Should you be looking for inspiration to completely redecorate your room, or you just want to give your space a quick refresh, then take a look at these ideas to help you create your dream space. We’ve got tips for living room decorating ideas, styling tips and the best shopping advice to help you choose the perfect sofa or find the ideal colour for your walls.

Whether you love a pattern, then check out our pick of the best living room wallpaper ideas, from alcove shelving to stylish media units, keep clutter at bay with some of our clever living room storage ideas. Whatever your requirements, whether you’re bored and fancy a refresh or you’re looking to sell your home, we have the answer.

Open plan living room ideas

It’s easy to create an open place living room space that feels cosy yet seamlessly linked to the rest of your home. Open plan living has slowly become part of our everyday lives, from a home office within a living room, to a kitchen diner. These spaces should all be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function. Through clever decorating and style tips, this will keep the spaces looking separate but seamless.

Grey living room style

Grey is very versatile and it’s easy to see why, grey can create a warm feel as easily as it can create a cool one, it channels edgy, modern and charming elements helping to create a calm and soothing feel or a vivid, lively and energetic, depending on what atmosphere you’re going for.

Each shade of grey is capable of creating a different look, feel and style of living room, the shade that you choose will part and parcel of your own personal style. Modern styles call for cooler, darker, dramatic charcoals or near blacks, whilst vintage and classic inspired styles naturally go with warmer blue and green toned greys.

Neutral living room ideas

Light, neutral colours are more reflective and will ensure that the most is made of the natural light, making your room feel brighter and more airy. Neutral colours can be used for a range of interior looks, they’re easy to live with. Essentially neutral means without colour and includes beige, ivory, taupe, black, great and shades of white appear to be without colour. In many applications these hues often have undertones that need just as much thought as when decorating with colour.

Coastal living rooms

Create a calming coastal living area that can be a permanent reminder of sunny days by the sea. You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities of coastal living rooms. A good place to start is by playing with the colours of the sky, sea and sand to form a theme.

Choose themes from the seaside and bring them into your living room, channel coastal chic with soft furnishings in calming whites, washed-out denim and cool shades of blue. Weathered and faded looks tend to be the essence of coastal interiors.

Cute and cosy ideas for small and compact living room spaces

Supersize your space with our top tips and clever design tricks to make the smallest of rooms feel perfectly proportioned. If you have a small living room, don’t worry there’s lots of way to unlock the potential of a compact living space.

Try using soft, pastel shades into your design scheme to keep the room warm and inviting. Other great tips to save space includes using tools as seats, use multi-functional furniture, use vertical decorations, incorporate textural pieces and use lighting to your advantages.