When it comes to ordering a mirror online, Only Oak Furniture has all your needs covered. Our range covers anything from full-length mirrors to wall mirrors, free-standing to round. So regardless of what you’re thinking, we’re sure to have something suitable within our collection.


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Full-Length Mirror

Here at Only Oak Furniture, we’re proud to sell mirrors to customers across the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for a full-length mirror or wall mirror, we’re sure to have your every need covered. We have been selling mirrors online for many years now, so regardless of the style or size you’re looking for, we’re confident you will find it with Only Oak Furniture. Having sold mirrors for some time now, we have developed an outstanding reputation both for our quality of mirrors and our customer service. So if you’re looking to buy a mirror online, come to none other than Only Oak Furniture and shop our range of quality, stylish and affordable mirrors today. We offer FREE delivery with all orders over £500. So if you’re redecorating one of your rooms, you can shop in confidence knowing that you won’t have to worry about delivery charges. Once more, we always have discounts running so you can expect to have an additional saving off our already affordable price tags!

Large Mirror

Are you shopping for a large mirror online? Then Only Oak Furniture has your every need covered. We have various large mirrors available in a range of styles and colours. So whether you’re looking for a large mirror for your hallway, bedroom, or somewhere else around the home, we’ve got something to suit your taste and budget. A large mirror is a fantastic thing to have in a room as it can bounce off natural light and brighten the whole room entirely.

Free Standing Mirror

Something that is becoming ever more popular is free standing mirrors. They are sleek, fashionable and look great for pictures! A Freestanding mirror can also make a room appear larger due to the angling it and it is full length. Not only that but they’re a great piece to have in a room whilst getting ready or to check your outfit before you leave. We love a freestanding mirror and believe that they can finish a room off to look extremely glamorous.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Credit where it’s due, a wall mirror is an absolute must for your home. They can go above the fireplace, in the hallway or even in a room and they look fabulous too. Mirrors are one of the best ways to give the illusion of a room looking bigger as they can reflect light and the reflection of another wall can make the room appear larger. Not only that but a wall mirror takes up no room at all yet they look amazing in a room. Our wall mirror comes in a selection of sizes so if you’re shopping for a particular size then we’re sure to have something to suit your needs. If you’re redecorating one of your rooms and are looking for a wall mirror, rest assured that Only Oak Furniture has you covered as we have a range of styles, sizes and colours available.

Decorative Mirror

Are you looking to enhance your space? Perhaps your dressing room or your bedroom? With our range of decorative mirrors, we have something for everyone, with unique frames to choose from, a range of shapes and angles let our range of functional decorative mirrors complement your room décor. Decorative mirrors are perfect for living areas. Not only do they brighten a room and give the illusion of more space, but also due to their reflective nature they can go with many different styles or colours! If you want an impressive mirror that will make your bedroom look even better than before, why don't you search around for one? There is something here just waiting to provide warmth and light as well as create an enjoyable atmosphere in any home it resides in.

Dressing Table Mirror

At Only Oak Furniture, we stock a wide range of dressing table mirrors. So whether you’re replacing your current mirror, adding a mirror to your dressing table or ordering a new dressing table and mirror altogether, we have you covered. Our wide selection of dressing table mirrors come in a range of colours, styles and finishes, so you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for within our selection. If you have any questions then please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Round Mirrors

Decor and interior design is always evolving, and now more than ever round mirrors are one of the latest trends. They are a great way to accessorise a wall whilst also looking amazing at the same time. A round mirror can be placed singularly or with multiple places in a row, and having seen some examples online we think they look fabulous! Having two or three round mirrors in a row can also again make a room appear larger but they look very really stylish too.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms within homes so creating space is essential for relaxation or getting ready before starting work on time; however, even a small bathroom mirror can make your bathroom feel more spacious and brighter with its reflective surface. Your bathroom mirror isn't just an important fixture, it can also reflect your individuality and become the centrepiece of the room. At Only Oak we have a vast selection of bathroom mirrors for you to choose from, we carry every style, shape and size imaginable.

Why Choose Only Oak Furniture?

Having sold mirrors online for many years now, we have developed an incredible reputation for both our quality of mirrors and our customer satisfaction. Upon choosing Only Oak Furniture we will always go above and beyond to best accommodate your needs and ensure an exceptional customer experience. Having listened to the feedback from our customers, some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us when shopping online include:
  • We have years of experience
  • We stock a wide range of mirrors
  • We’re really passionate about what we do
  • We’re well known throughout the UK
  • We’re competitively priced!
For more information about us or any of our products please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Whether you would like additional information or have a few questions to ask, we’re always on hand and happy to help.

Looking for the Perfect Mirror? Shop Online with Only Oak Furniture

If you’re looking for the best mirror online, Only Oak Furniture has you covered. We have been selling mirrors for many years now, and will always do our best to cater to your every need. For more information speak to a member of our team please contact Only Oak Furniture today.

Mirror FAQs

Are your mirrors packaged securely?

Yes, when ordering from Only Oak Furniture we always ensure that the packaging is secure. Especially when transporting a mirror, we always ensure that they’re packed and protected the best way we can, to avoid the risk of any damages or potentially broken mirrors.

How do I clean a mirror?

Cleaning and taking care of your mirror is really important. It keeps the mirror looking new and fresh without any marks or handprints. But the right way to clean it is a matter of opinion. We know of various supermarket products that you can use to clean a mirror without streaks or smudges. Something that we know works well is white vinegar on a clean cloth. You will need to wipe the mirror until it is completely clean and dry and this will ensure a polished and clear appearance.

How do I hang a mirror?

If you’ve recently bought a mirror and would like to hang it, then there are a few things to remember. Find the point on the wall where you would like it to be hung, make sure it's correct so maybe ask someone to hold the mirror in place and stand back to ensure you’re happy with the positioning. Next, ensure the placement for the mirror is level and not slanted in any way. Some come with hanging frames on the back, others have space to be hung with screws and others have a string or wire on them. Once you know the options for hanging, choose the best one for you and go ahead and place the mirror. Once completed, stand back, make sure it’s positioned straight and that you’re happy with the result.