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Create The Perfect Dressing Room

Dressing Tables

Designing Your Dressing Room

A dressing room is the one place in your home where you can pamper yourself. More and more people are making use of those small spaces or bedrooms and turning them into their own dressing rooms. It shouldn’t only be the rich and famous who can have dressing rooms, it should be everyone.

However, if you don’t think about it and plan it out correctly then it’s likely you’ll never actually use the space. Creating a dressing room design and thinking about what to include will only help to make the space more practical. From dressing tables to the right mirror, it’s important to consider all aspects of the dressing room design.

Key Pieces of Furniture To Include

In your dressing room, we believe there are a few key pieces of furniture you need to include. This is to cover everything from storage to getting ready. Over the years, we have supplied all types of furniture for peoples dressing rooms.


If you’re having your own dressing room, then it’s likely you’ve already got plenty of clothes to go in it. The next thing is where are you going to store them? Will a small wardrobe surface or do you need a larger and more practical wardrobes. A flimsy wardrobe will only make your dressing room look cheap, whereas investing in something more solid such as an oak wardrobe means it will last for years to come.


Whether you store t-shirts, leggings, underwear or pyjamas in them, drawers are an essential part of a dressing room. In addition to clothing you might also want to store things such as hairdryers in them, so they aren’t just left out on the side. You don’t want odd furniture though, make sure your wardrobe and drawer set match to help you create a clear style in your dressing room.

Dressing Table

Getting ready for work or night on the town and don’t want to hog the bathroom, then a dressing table is a great investment. A solid and stylish dressing table will give you a space to get ready and store your makeup and accessories. After all what’s a dressing room without a dressing table?

Vanity Mirror

You’ve got your dressing room looking great and your about to sit down and start getting ready and you realise your old mirror just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Well we have a suggestion. Hollywood mirrors offer both a great place to get ready and as they already come fitted with lights, give you that extra illumination. Many celebrities and makeup artists use Hollywood mirrors as they offer offer great lighting, especially when applying makeup.