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8 Tips When Redecorating

Decorating Tips

Are you thinking about redecorating? Then Only Oak Furniture would like to share 8 tips. As experts in selling oak furniture online, we have experience when it comes to helping and advising decorating options. Not only that, but we’re homeowners ourselves meaning we have knowledge in redecorating our own home. This has taught us what not to and to do when it comes to redecorating. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and are looking for decorating tips or require advice for redecorating your current home, let Only Oak Furniture help.

1. Start Off By Making a Junk Pile

The only way you can start the process of redecorating your home is by having a clear out. Go through all of your possessions and decide what’s staying and what’s not. Here, you will need to create a junk pile, this is where you will put anything that’s rubbish, you no longer need and is no good to anyone else, or it’s simply time to go. You should have a good clear out often, as this will make this process much easier and quicker. If this is your first time, try to be strict with yourself as this will give you more room and space to enjoy once it’s been decorated.

2. Anything You Don’t Keep, Recycle or Donate to Charity

Likewise, with clearing out rubbish, you will also need to sort through any clothes, toys, and other goods that are either recyclable or suitable to donate to the charity shop. This will not only be a good dead done, but it means your room will be clutter free and ready for decorating. Remember, try to be harsh when going through your belongings, some say if you’ve not used it in 12 months to get rid of it, others say as little as 6 months. Either way, try to be ruthless when going through your bedroom or room as this will ensure that you have more space when you’re finished decorating.

3. Decide on a Colour or Theme

When you have had a good clear out, it’s time to deceive on a colour or theme for the room. Don’t be afraid to get excited and explore the colours and decor that’s out there. Research any colours or themes you like the sound of, take a look online for inspiration. Get samples of things to try, like wallpaper samples or paint colour samples. This will give you inspiration for what you like and what you don’t then from there you can finalise your options and find which one is better suited for you.

4. Purchase Decorating Supplies

From paint to wallpaper, brushes to rollers, it’s time to start buying! Now that you know your preferred colour or theme, you can go ahead and by the chosen one. You will also need to purchase all decorating supplies that you don’t already have in order to complete your decorating project. If you’re decorating just one room, try to buy things as you go, unless you have space to accommodate for all the decorating supplies to be put in a safe space.

5. Order New Furniture

When you have finished decorating or just before, it’s time to order your new furniture. If you’ve redecorated a bedroom, this could be a new bed, bedside table etc. or downstairs it could be a dining table set or TV stand for example. Regardless of the furniture you’re buying, enjoy the process and be sure to browse online to make sure you’re getting the best price and top quality goods. At Only Oak Furniture, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of oak furniture for around the home, please be sure to browse our range today for more information. We stock furniture for the living room, dining room, hallway, bedroom, office, garden and more.

6. Decorate and Assemble

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start! So get the paintbrushes at the ready the fun is about to begin. If you have space, you may decide to decorate and assemble your furniture at once, but if space is limited it may be wise to decorate, allow time for it to dry before you go on to assemble. Either way, once the decorating has been completed you can assemble your furniture. This is where you will start seeing your hard work pay off, but try not to step back just yet as it’s not completely finished. 

7. Add The Finishing Pieces

Enjoying the work so far? Well, it’s time to add the finishing touches. This could be photographs, ornaments, blankets etc but these are the pieces that will bring everything together nicely. Try not to overcrowd the room in decorations as it won’t have the same ‘wow’ effect as a few statement pieces. 

8. And Voilà! Enjoy The Results!

All your hard work is about to pay off, simply stand back and admire the results. Whether you have redecorated a bedroom or living room, you’re sure to love the transformation of the room/s. What we would always suggest is to take before and after photographs too. As this will capture the room prior to redecorating and the amazing work you have done to get the room to where it is now. This will be massively rewarding and is a great way to look back on the difference of how the room looked before because it is really easy to forget.

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