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Essentials for Arranging Furniture

So, you’ve chosen your furniture, which is hard enough in itself, but now you have to place it. It can be the difference between a great room and a poor one. Whether you’re moving house or simply having a shift around, stick to these essentials no matter which room the focus is on.

Focus on a Focal Point

Where’s the focal point in the room? What do you want to be facing? Where do you want your guests to look? If you have a fireplace then great! Fireplaces create the cosiest focal point in a room and instantly add character, but not all of us have one, and that’s ok too. Is it the view of the window, the TV, a large piece of furniture, a gallery style wall display? Whatever it may be, it’s a good place to begin your layout and work outwards from there. It means you have the control and you can draw guests’ attention to the part you want them to be focusing on.

Consider Everything Else

Although furniture is the perfect place to start, it’s essential to consider all aspects which make up a room. From the wallpaper to the colour schemes to the lighting to the accessories to the soft furnishings, it all plays a part in creating the final look of a room. However, only once you have placed your furniture can you work out what lighting, soft furnishings and accessories you need. In summary, start with the furniture but keep everything else in the back of your mind too.

Can you See Yourself Living in this Space?

Take a moment to just think, at the end of the day, this is the space you have to live in. Where would you most like to sit? Where would a mirror be most practical? This is an essential factor to consider if you have any hope of getting the furniture placed correctly. Once you have imagined yourself living in that space and knowing what you will be doing in each area makes the furniture easier to place and the accessories easier to gather.

Always Consider the Flow

Even though an empty room is a wonderful blank slate for all you interior obsessed people, once you start placing the furniture, it can quickly become full and a little oppressive. Be sure to map the routes that people are most likely to take when walking through the room and ensure you leave enough room to manoeuvre easily through a space.

A Coffee Table is a Must Have

Sometimes there isn’t always space, but if you can make it work, you should definitely include a coffee table. It provides a focal point for a room but is still ultimately practical too, it gives somewhere to place your dinner, drinks and those much-loved table books. It doesn’t have to be a large table, you can have a group of them in a cluster if you like but you will most likely need something to fill the space in front of your sofa. If you don’t fancy a table, go for an ottoman or a couple of pouffes instead.

Consider Function and Form

When arranging a room, you must consider how the layout will reflect and effect the space that it is being used for. For example, if two sofas are facing one another, although it makes for dreamy symmetry, it will not function well to watch TV. Think about how you would like to use the space and what needs to be close by, how much room you will need and everything else that needs to be considered.

Furniture is a must have in any room but arranging it well can be half of the battle. Using these tips and tricks should help you to design and create a room perfect for the purpose whilst aesthetically pleasing too.