Z Solid Oak 1 Drawer Narrow Bookcase

Part of the Z Solid Oak Furniture Collection


The Z Solid Oak 1 Drawer Narrow Bookcase is part of the Z Solid Oak Furniture Collection. The Z narrow bookcase offers 4 shelved open storage sections and a push to open drawer. Each shelf area is 470 mm wide, 380 mm deep with shelf spacing 308 mm. `due to the construction the shelves are not removable or adjustable. This is just one of several bookcases available within the range. The drawer measures 125 mm high, 360 mm wide and 260 mm deep internally. All sizes provided are approximate and may vary between batches.


Z Solid Oak 1 Drawer Narrow Bookcase

The Z Solid Oak 1 Drawer Narrow Bookcase is part of the Z Solid Oak Furniture Collection. Featuring designers style of furniture for those looking to make there home a modern and contemporary place to live. Made with 100% Solid Oak each piece has a striking look to it. With furniture designed for all the main living areas, this is the ideal range to choose to bring your home together with one style.

About us

Only Oak Furniture, a family run business that specialises in selling quality furniture at the best possible prices. Customer service is incredibly important to us so we provide free delivery and a free returns policy*.
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Protect your Furniture

Due to the extensive range of wood types we supply, our furniture will sometimes come with specific care instructions. Please read these carefully and adhere by these instructions to get the most out of your furniture.

When cleaning the furniture please use the correct cleaning products! Use a specific wood cleaners, these can be bought at any Home and DIY store. Avoid using everyday household products as these can leave behind a layer of oil that will build up over time. This causes furniture (especially solid oak) to lose its colour and can strip the furniture down.

To Maintain the furniture’s pristine finish and shine be sure to use a decent wood furniture oil, wax or polish. Use these products at least once a month to prevent wood cracking and to keep the furniture looking good as new!

Above all, some of our furniture has been made just for your purchase, as a result, the product may still smell of fresh lacquer or oil – this is completely normal. Just air out your furniture by opening a window or two and within in no time the smell will disperse.

Dimensions Depth: 40 cm Width: 61 cm Height: 165 cm
Wood Type

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