Malibu Grey Dining Chair

Part of the Mark Harris Collection


The Malibu Grey Dining Chair is upholstered using a Grey PU Leather and has chrome legs that add a sturdiness to the overall chair. This dining chair comes in a variety of colours and matches well with any high gloss set.

  • Priced individually
  • Sold in Pairs Only
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • No Assembly Required

Malibu Ivory White Dining Chair

The Malibu Grey Dining Chair , constructed using a chrome leg frame, and has an ivory coloured chair cover that would match any high gloss dining set. This chair comes in various colours and regardless of the options its refined quality and bold colours are certain to add a unique charm to any set.

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Protect your Furniture

Due to the extensive range of wood types we supply, our Furniture will sometimes come with specific care instructions. Please read these carefully and adhere by these instructions to get the most out of your furniture.

When cleaning the furniture please use the correct cleaning products! Use either a damp cloth or specific wood cleaner (these can be bought at any Home and DIY store). Avoid using everyday household products as these can leave behind a layer of oil that will build up over time. This causes furniture (especially solid oak) to lose its colour and can strip the furniture down.

To Maintain the furniture’s pristine finish and shine be sure to use a decent wood furniture oil, wax or polish. Use these products at least once a month to prevent and wood cracking and to keep the furniture looking good as new and flawless!

Most of all, avoid direct sunlight and heat! This can cause the furniture to dry out and can leave cracks and can even cause colour fading!

Some of our Furniture will have been made just for your purchase so please don’t worry if the product still smells of fresh lacquer or oil – this is completely normal. Just air out your furniture by opening a window or two and within in no time the smell will disperse!

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions Depth: 54 cm Width: 44 cm Height: 103 cm



PU Imitation Leather