Sofa Bed

Okay not quite what we had in mind when we meant Sofa Bed, however our Dogs have different ideas! With a Sofa bed your living room can become a spare bedroom for a night. If you have a Spare Bedroom the spare bedroom can be a games room.  Every one wins!

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We know that having the perfect Home is incredibly important. That's why you will only find only the best here at Only Oak Furniture. With a Sofa Bed you living room can become a spare bedroom for a night of even or even the spare bedroom a games room. Shop for a sofa-bed until your heart’s content through our carefully chosen range. We have something to match most tastes. All of our Sofa beds are delivered to you home completely free of charge by our 2 man delivery specialist teams. All we ask is that you measure your access to ensure the Sofa Bed will fit. Finally: even if you can not find what you want, you can contact us and we will look at all of our suppliers for you to try and find what you are looking for. Now that,s customer service. Why Choose Only Oak Furniture? While some say it's because of our free UK Delivery*. Yet others say it’s our attention to detail. We know its because we offer exceptional customer service.